The start of making a rainbow (pinks and reds). (Taken with instagram)


Makeshift watercolour tutorial~ (Top left to right)

It became kind of text heavy so I’ve cut it into different parts. Most of it is common knowledge but I hope it answers some questions. C:

Bored out of my mind while stuck in bed. So doodling for #aedm2011 today. (Taken with instagram)

I have roses on my mind. #watercolor #aedm2011 (Taken with instagram)

#watercolor and doodles done last night for #aedm2011 (Taken with instagram)

Finished up my previous post yesterday for #aedm2011 (Taken with instagram)

Started inking in more details and #watercolor painting for today. #aedm2011 (Taken with instagram)

Today was a day spent crafting with friends. I don’t think I accomplished much other than talking more than I have in a long time. #aedm2011 (Taken with instagram)

Moving ideas to watercolor paper for #aedm2011 (Taken with instagram)

Something I’ve been planning on doing for a while but kept putting off. #aedm2011 #watercolor #ink (Taken with instagram)